Health Meets Innovation

Here at Qubes, we’re dedicated to taking the “less is more” approach to health and wellness. We focus on creating formulations centered around innovative ingredients, to make our gummies simple yet effective. We source our ingredients meticulously and with great care, to ensure purity and quality.

The Best Ingredients
for the Best Results.

Our gummies are completely free of preservatives, chemicals, corn-syrup,
allergens, soy, dairy, wheat, salicylates, artificial ingredients, artificial
sweeteners, flavors or colors.


Playes a role in weight loss and digestion, as well as helping to reduce triglycerides and "bad" cholestrol, while improvinf levels of "good" cholestrol.

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A number of benifits are attributed to Turmeric's antioxident and anti-inflammatory effects including reducing pain, soreness, anxiety and even enhancing recovery in the active individuals.

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The DHA/EPA in Agile Oil is essential to brain health and reducing brain inflammation which is cause of many common problems including depression, fatigue, memory issues and brain fog.

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What sets
qubes apart

Unlike the other guys, everything from research and formulation, to the manufacturing of our gummies are conducted completely In-House. Meaning… We dictate and monitor the production of our gummies from start to finish.

Being Healthy Shouldn’t Taste This Good!